Saturday, May 30, 2020

See one, Do one, Teach one

The current Covid-19 times have brought in massive changes in various facets of our lives. One such area that i would like to specifically call out is the renewed the respect for the medical practitioners. Just like soldiers, our medical practitioners are right in the field facing this invisible virus and protecting us. While a lot can be learned just by observing the professionalism, sense of duty and commitment of these unsung heroes, i asked myself a more fundamental question- What learning models do doctors follow to become experts in their respective fields ?

The quest to find answer to this led me to this learning approach called as- "See one,Do one,Teach one" (SODOTO). This phrase is often used for medical personnel, particularly trainees focused in surgical areas. It reflects a method of teaching in which a surgical student will observe a procedure,perform the procedure on their own,& then teach another trainee how to conduct the procedure.

Isn't SODOTO is an universally applicable learning approach to become masters in any technical areas ? Indeed, it is.
The Feynman Technique takes it even further by prescribing to teach any learned concept to a class 6 kid.

What #learning approaches do you find most effective ?


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