Saturday, May 30, 2020

Inspiration can come from anytime, from anywhere

One of my favorite stories from the world of Olympics is that of high jumper named Dick Fosbury. For the most part of his early career,he was an average high jumper. But he was courageous to question the prevalent technique(straddle technique).He practiced & mastered the reversal of this technique, that came to be known as the Fosbury Flop and is still in use since 6-7 decades.

His story really teaches us to never think of conventions as a rule & to keep challenging the assumptions.

Inspiration can really come from anywhere if you choose to keep your eyes & ears open.

Sharing my recent source of inspiration from Steve Wilson's session with USD School of Business Some of the gems below (my #sketchnote included)

-It is okay to not know what your life goal is.You can figure it out as you go,pivots are a natural part of life.

-It is essential to be #authentic & passionate.

-Crisis provides #opportunities for growth.

-Be confident but never arrogant.

-Do not worry about not having all the #skills. Your #attitude & aptitude are more important than skills.

-Networking is key,you must always differentiate yourself.

-No matter what you choose to do in life,life is a marathon not a sprint.Remember to breathe!


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