Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Why we read ?

With most of us locked at home and possibly with more time at hand,how about picking up a book?

From Satya Nadella's first memo to the employees after becoming Microsoft CEO-

"Many who know me say I am also defined by my curiosity and thirst for learning.I buy more books than I can finish.I sign up for more online courses than I can complete.I fundamentally believe that if you are not learning new things, you stop doing great and useful things."

Satya's love for reading is clearly fueled by his desire to satisfy his extraordinary #curiosity

Why else would you read ? There are obviously many reasons and I found Vala Afshar's tweet ( just so relevant. Included my #sketchnote of the tweet. Thank you Vala for your inspiring notes.

So how much can you read ? Here's actionable insight Prakash Iyer on inculcating the #reading habit:

"If you read for just half an hour everyday, you could finish a 250 page book in just two weeks' time. That's 26 books a year.A 100 #books in next 4 years. Just think, what difference would that make to the quality of your mind, your career, your life ?Just 30 minutes a day can do the trick, so stop giving excuses about not having the time to read."

What are you #reading these days? #learning

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