Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Things to remember when going through tough times

If you love cricket, this week (in March) marked the yearly anniversary of 2 of the greatest matches the sport has ever seen.

1. 12th-Mar-2006,South Africa(SA) took on Australia in an One Day International. Aus batted first, scored 434 runs, then highest ever ODI score. Later, in an unprecedented effort, SA won the match scoring 438 runs.
SA team was feeling down and out when Jacques Kallis said 'Guys, I think we've done a good job, I think they're 15 runs short.' This remark made the team believe they could win.

2. 14th-Mar-2001,India took on mighty Australia in a test match. India were way behind in the match, following-on. Then came the legendary fightback from Laxman and Dravid who batted whole of Day-4,added a stunning 376 runs & laid the foundation of one of the greatest test match wins.

Even though the current situation with #coronaoutbreak & it's ripple effects on all aspects of our lives is not comparable on any scale with sporting situations i narrated above, but still one should gather as much positivity as possible in such times & sports is an excellent metaphor here. These matches reflect the merits of #possibilitythinking, staying #positive despite all the odds.

It is with this spirit i share my #sketchnote inspired from Anand Mahindra's tweet

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