Friday, May 31, 2019

Leadership lessons from Eric S Yuan's tweet

While we all were busy reading a storm of content in our social media feeds last week, one of the simple, yet extraordinary tweets might have not gotten as much attention as it should have. Here's the tweet that i am talking about.


To put things in context, Eric S Yuan is the CEO of, the video conferencing company. It's market cap at the time this tweet was sent is close to $20B.

I find the response that Eric gave to a user extra-ordinary at many levels.

1. Most visibly, it's shows Eric's strong desire to go extra-mile to delight the user. Among the fundamentals that are responsible for the success of an organization, customer centricity is top of the list. Many say it, only a few do it.

2. As a CEO, to be able to go out in public and tell that he is willing to roll up his sleeves and do the work to make user happy, is almost a culture-defining moment. I firmly believe that the organization or team's culture flows directly from the top and manifests in the form of stories like these. A CEO can either put up posters about what he values or prove the same via his actions. The latter is often more effective.

3. Quoting one of the tweets citing Phil Knight: In quest to build great things, "there is no finish line". Eric is certainly looking like living these lines. More often the average teams get complacent after the product achieves product-market fit, and sales starts flowing in. Great teams strive harder for success not just when they are struggling but on a continuous basis, without any drop in intensity.

What are your favorite insights from this tweet ?

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