Saturday, May 4, 2019

Effective employees are the ones that create clarity and energy

This rapid-fire interview of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella appeared a couple of years ago. It is almost 2 minutes light-hearted interview that i enjoyed gong through. Besides 'getting to know Satya' kind of theme, I recall a few seconds of the conversation that stayed with me since i first heard them.

At around 1:17 seconds, the interviewers asked Sayta:

One trait that you look for in new hires is: 

His answer: 
Do they (new hires) create clarity ? Do they create energy ?

My reaction after hearing the answer: Very profound. Very sticky. Very intelligible. Very relatable.

It is almost like a key to make crucial people specific decisions at the workplace. I have used these questions as a compass to drive hiring decisions and also decipher people specific situations. Simply put:

1. Do they create clarity ? The candidates (or employees) that have superior technical skills brings in clarity by showing the light, unblocking the discussions through their technical acumen.
2. Do they create energy ? The candidates (or employees) that have superior technical skills can tend to be uni-dimensional in some ways. For them to be well-rounded professionals, they need to return positivity and energy back to workplace, to the teams. They can do this by being accessible, by being givers, by not denying access to people, by not being selfish, by finding reasons to praise others etc.

We can over-complicate the hiring process by adding 10s of criterias but what i found is having these 2 questions as a compass would help us get closer to making near-perfect hiring decisions.

Great leaders have this knack of simplifying concepts and making them consumable. Thank you Satya.

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