Sunday, May 26, 2019

17 things I learned from Erik Weihenmayer's talk

I had a privilege of listening live to Erik Weihenmayer during the recently concluded Citrix Synergy event. Erik is the first BLIND person to climb Mount Everest. He is also among 150 people who have successfully climbed Seven Summits, the highest peaks in 7 continents only BLIND person to do so.

He came on to stage with his dog who peacefully sat while he weaved magic with his words. He was articulate, fluid and super clear in his thought process. His intensity was high and it only grew as his talk proceeded. I could see his eyes moist while he narrated the stories of his and the differently-abled persons like him, who achieved feats that average full bodied people consider as impossible.

I have to admit that I left his session earlier than the finish time. It was less due to the fact that I had a meeting bordering on the close time but more to do with the fact that I got more than what I thought I would in an hour that I spent. In short, I found my emotional and mental cups overflowing with unprecedented wisdom. I have to admit this was the first time I felt that I got so much that I couldn't take anymore.

May be some day I would want to go back and watch the recording, but for today I just want to share the wisdom that I gathered in the nuggeTs that follow:

Three types of people:
There are 3 types of people:

What makes Climbers rare:
“Climbers are a rare group. They continue to grow, evolve, and explore. They continue to challenge themselves until the day the die.”

Why is being a Climber so hard:
“The question is, how do we climb when it is so much easier to camp?”

How does growth happen?
"It would be nice if growth happened in a nice linear curve. The truth is, growth happens the way a volcano spews lava."

My favorite learning from this session:
"What's within you is stronger than what's in your way."

When you are lost, remember...
“There is always a way forward, but it doesn’t always start in a glamorous way.”

Surround yourself with positive people:
“My secret weapon was the people I surrounded myself with”

“Link yourself with great people, tap into each other’s experience and wisdom. Stop each other from falling.”

Dealing with adversary:
"The amount of adversity we allow into our lives is directly related to the length of our reach"

"Alchemists will always find the way, even with the adversity. Harnessing the challenges in our lives is our greatest advantage."

"Alchemists always find a way." "Keep climbing!"
"We're all in the elevation business."

When we commit to this no barriers life we bring adversity into our lives... and then you commit tremendous energy to attacking the adversities that wear us down. It takes a courageous team to square off with adversity and head into the storm. -

Don't build walls around yourself:
“I was tired of building walls around myself. Life is full of choices."

When you are down, don't forget to try:
"Never say you can't do it. Don't ever not TRY."

“The process is always the same. Iterate, fail & try again. Never stop innovating.”

Embrace an no-excuse mindset:
"Many make excuses and accentuate challenges, instead of using them as fuel to move forward and make a meaningful impact."

"You have to come down the mountain before the climb really matters. The culmination of the journey isn't when we're standing on the summit, it's when we use the gifts we've been given to elevate our lives."

Are you living a no barriers life? Commit today to attack what is in your way.

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