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Came across this heartwarming story recently (source:

In Mar '21 World #1 Croatian rifle shooter Petar Gorsa was tested Covid+ on arrival in India. During this frustrating time,he got care from the National Rifle Association of India. But what touched him the most was NRAI president Raninder Singh's gesture, who hosted the shooter at his own home in Delhi.
Fast forward to May, given the Covid situation, it wasn't possible to host camp for Indian shooters. They were losing precious time 2 months before the Olympics. Petar went beyond what was expected & helped make all the arrangements for Indian shooters to train in Zagreb.
The act of giving changed Petar's perspective. He says:
"Once I am done with the sport,I don't want to be remembered for my medals.I want to be remembered as a responsible & honourable man" 
One of my all time favorite books is Adam Grant's Give and Take. It touches upon various life evolving aspects related to #giving, especially at workplace.I have presented my summary of this book in the sketchnote, would highly recommend reading it.
Not all of us get a chance to give back as Petar did but all of can always be forthcoming in paying it forward.
What do you think? #givingback #payitforward


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