Saturday, August 28, 2021


 Indian Cricket Captain Virat Kohli has inspired millions around. One such testimonial of him:

"I once spoke to Virat Kohli about net sessions, and he said to me that whatever you think or do in the nets, you'll perform the same way during the match. If you play random shots and get out in the nets, then you'll face the same outcome in a match. That perspective helped me a lot."- Babar Azam

This is a top suggestion, applicable to many a professional situations but this also tells a lot about Babar. Despite being from opposing team, he opened himself up reached out to the best and sincerely applied the learnings.

The world opens up to you, when you open up to the world. It is one of the traits of an Intellectually #curious mind.

How can you develop Intellectual curiosity ? Loved the ideas shared by Sahil Bloom in his thread
Catch the summary in my sketchnote

There are different ways to inculcate intellectual #curiosity. I recall one of Satya Nadella’s quote inspired by diversity of thought process he observed at home. He says- 
“There was some strange mix of intellectual curiosity in the house [growing up] — a push to make up your own mind and do your own thing,”

How do you cultivate Intellectual #curiosity ?

My Sketchnote:

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