Saturday, July 10, 2021


 Former World#1 shooter Apurvi Chandela had an underwhelming World cup in Mar '21. She couldn't win a medal & in her final shot she couldn't even squeeze the trigger within time limit. In 2020 Covid lockdown she focused on her fitness & lost 7 Kgs.It turned out that her improved fitness led to loss of performance.


Shooters wear a specialised,weighted shooting jacket & trousers made of a thick, stiffened canvas. If your kit is a little loose or if it doesn't have strong support, then you have to work harder to stay perfectly still. Source:

Apurvi went with the notion that the improved fitness would lead to improved performance. But it turned otherwise. This is First Order Thinking in action. First Order #Thinking is easy, it happens when we look for something that only solves the immediate problem without considering the consequences.

Second Order Thinking is deep, it moves beyond the immediate problem & considers the multiple layers of consequences of a given decision. Had Apurvi thought of effects of her weight loss and evolved her shooting jacket/trousers, it would be Second Order Thinking in action.

Find the summary of this high leverage concept in my sketchnote.

How would you use Second Order Thinking at work ?

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