Saturday, July 10, 2021


 Sachin Tendulkar in one of his earlier interviews said-

"The toughest thing about batting is to clear your mind. The mind always wants to be in the past or in the future, it rarely wants to be in the present. My best batting comes when my mind is in the present but it doesn’t happen naturally, you have to take yourself there."

Like sportspeople- All of us in our day to day lives as professionals fight this daily battle for attention towards the tasks that matter. Our attention is split- be it deluge of notifications from slack, our chosen social media, myriad of emails or add to the list the distractions associated with working from anywhere. Our mind has the peculiar ability of wandering off at the first available moment, and it doesn't need any permission.

Geet Sethi in his book 'Success vs Joy' defines concentration is simply remaining in the present. But the key question is how do we return #focus to things that matter?

Some good ideas in this twitter thread that i find worth sharing (Summary in my sketchnote)
1 Eliminate Low-Value Decisions
2 Sprint, then Rest
3 Noise Cancellation
4 Sleep Tight
5 Train your Mind

What are your tactics to maximize the focus ?

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