Thursday, September 27, 2007

My first post

I have been a Software testing professional for quite some time now (do not really want to quantify time in years or hours :-)). All the while i spent in this profession, i have always beleived in sharing knowledge as a means to grow as a professional and participating in this wonderful profession. Earlier in my career and even now, i have been involved in sharing knowledge by writing articles or presenting in various conferences. Somehow, i never really got into blogging. Of late, i have been following some great blogspots by James Bach, Google testing blog, Shrini Kulkarni, Debasis Pradhan and many many more. All these blogs are extremely useful sources of valuable professional information and one striking point is that each of these has a unique value to offer based on tester's experience. This is something fantastic and here i am writing my first blog with only intention to sharing my experience in this field and do my little to enhance this profession.

Thought its appropriate to start my first blog with the looks for first computer bug. have a look-

Wanna find more like these...Keep testing passionately!


Debasis Pradhan said...

And here goes my First Comment on your First Post and quite possibly the First Comment on this Blog itself! :) I am glad that you have decided to start blogging out your experiences and ideas and share them with fellow testers.

Thanks for reading my blog and considering it worth mentioning/following/recommending! I feel blessed to be listed alongside with some of the most fantastic Testing Blogs on blogosphere today! It fills me with the feeling of greater responsibility and the expectations that people like you might be having from my blog. I hope I would continue to deliver meaningful posts on testing that might interest and motivate other testers to come out and start blogging.

I am waiting for your second blog post. Don't care if anyone else is reading you now. At least I am reading your blog (and of course you too!).

Happy Testing...

Software Testing Zone

Anuj Magazine said...

Thanks for your comments, Debasis. Looking forward to your inputs and comments in future posts.