Friday, September 28, 2007

Being creative...

Oxford dictionary defines "Creative" as "bring into existence".One of the quotes that has bowled me over completely goes as follows-
"Life is beautiful because you can always do something you have never done before".

This quote brings a unique kind of freshness and hope. Doesnt that make us ponder that- Creativity is indeed an essence of life. From ancient times till now the tremendous progress made by mankind can be attributed to this one trait- "Creativity".
Software testing is a fairly new profession. Is this profession at par with innovations that are happening in other engineering fields ? Consider this-

Why arent we not consistent in finding all the bugs in earlier stages of life cycle ?
Why do we still miss bugs during the testing phase ?
Why do customers still find major bugs even though the product is tested ?
Why arent we consistently able to gain considerable ROI from automation tools ?
Why does testing take a long time ?
Why arent we consistently able to deliver on time ?

These are some of the questions that i have found tough to answer based on experiences that i have gone through. Though these may seem too big a problems with any project but i feel that the solution to these (and may more problems like these) lies in finding imaginative and creative ways and not in trying the age old ways and getting the same results all the time. Being creative helps...and thats the essence of Software testing too.
Keep testing creatively!

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