Saturday, June 26, 2021


In a podcast that i listened to recently, Raghu Raman shared an powerful anecdote:

During his early India Army days, once there was a general coming for briefing. The commanding officer (CO) suddenly looked at him and said- "You are going to conduct the briefing." He was stressed as the time was short and the fact that situation could explode if he messed up. He went through the intense preparation cycle and just before the presentation was about to begin CO indicated to him to sit down and instead CO himself started the presentation.

He could have felt "Why the hell did CO put him through that shit?" But that was the mentorship. He actually let Raghu go through the palpitations that are going to happen in the high risk presentation without actually the risk of doing that.

Teaching doesn't mean giving only lectures, it means how can I impart the lessons effectively.

Even if you are a rookie in your field or a successful pro, having the right mentor at right time adds immense value. But often people struggle in finding the right mentor.

"How does one find a mentor". I quite liked simple ideas shared in this tweet on finding a mentor (Catch my sketchnote summary of this thread))

How have you leveraged mentorship in your career ?

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