Saturday, May 15, 2021


In the last few months, we saw the emergence of new talent in Cricketing world. Washington Sundar is one such player. He was selected for Australia tour as a net bowler & in the last 3 months has surprisingly emerged as a serious batting prospect. He was a good T20 bowler but it is his batting that surprised many. Ravi Shastri also started as a bowler & ended his career as an opening batsman. Steven Smith started as a leg spinner & is now a leading test batsman.

Looking at these cases, it appears that these players were ready to disrupt themselves when the opportunity presented itself.

I get reminded of the book "Disrupt Yourself" (refer sketchnote) which applies disruptive innovation's S-Curve theory to career disruption. When talking about personal disruption, you are both Netflix & Blockbuster. You are the disruptor & the incumbent because you are disrupting you.

When considering personal disruption, i quited liked the perspective shared by Deepak Jayaraman in his podcast-
"Think of ourselves as balance sheet & not P&L. More often we think of ourselves as cash flows & expect to grow upwards year on year but sometimes taking a step back and building our assets could temporarily put us back but could create the new stream of cashflows."

What do you think ?

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