Monday, March 2, 2020

Two Lessons from a Long Distance Run

Last Sunday, I had the privilege of hashtagrunning and completing Tata Ultra 35 Km run at the beautiful city of Lonavala near Mumbai/Pune. A tough run with mighty inclines (3000ft+),hot weather and the fun added by cutoff times (and sweeper buses ). Lessons: 1. Run (Work) Healthy: It was pleasing to see event organizers stressing on running healthy (taking care of hydration,nutrition,avoiding falls).How many times do we talk about 'Working Healthy'.Mukesh B. in his book 'No Limits' talks about the role diet, sleep and fitness takes in helping us reach peak hashtagperformance at work. In our quest to improve at work,do not let diet, sleep and fitness take a back seat. 2. Path to success isn't linear: The phases I roughly went through during the run- 0 km: I know I can do it. 8 km (incline): It's getting painful. Did I make the right choice choosing to do it? 20 km: Why the hell did I start? 32 km: I think I can push a little 35 km: Never experienced a high like this Does this cycle sounds familiar with anything insurmountable you have attempted? Quoting legendary ultra-runner Dean Karnazes- "Running always leaves you better than when you started. No matter how temporarily bruised your body is at the end of run,its the spirit that's uplifted."

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