Sunday, January 26, 2020

Building a Simple microapp

One of the great ways to kick-start the new year is by hashtaglearning a new hashtagskill. In this quest, I recent read through this great blog by Phil Wiffen on building a simple hashtagmicroapp Do read it here: A quick recap on what hashtagmicroapps are ? One of the core enablers of the intelligent feed (which is a part of brand new hashtagCitrixWorkspace) is an innovative concept we call as microapps. hashtagMicroapps are small, task-specific applications that deliver highly targeted functionality. As an example, instead of you having to navigate through the monolithic app to submit a PTO, microapps allows you to bring just the portion of functionality you need in your feed. To get familiar with Citrix microapps terminologies, refer this post: To view a quick summary of Phil's blog, refer to my hashtagsketchnote below:

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