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Ideas from 'Dreamers and Unicorn' Podcast between Abhijit Bhaduri and Pankaj Bansal

I recently had a chance to go through 'Dreamers and Unicorns' podcast on the subject of 'New code of work'.

Sharing some of the ideas i captured.

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My notes:

Fundamental shift in last few years:Workplace is experiencing shift from plain automation to "can we put user at the center?"
Culture of the organization is at the center, which will come from employee and not from department.

Principles: New code of work:How can we bring more:
1. joy to work
2. energy to work
3. meaning to work

The new world of work is far more exciting
More flatter organizations
People can do what they wish to do

In the new world of work, Hierarchy is diminishing in the new world of work. There are squads who deliver a work and they move on.
Things that needed change in corporate culture

New code of the work is about being the design thinker or placing design thinking at the core of work.
If we do anything that is not helping the user in anyway, it is meaningless.

New code of work is bringing HR into the center and making it more than the enabler to the driver of joy, energy and meaning at work.

Money is a resource, nothing more nothing less.

Can an employee feel like an entrepreneur?
Build smaller enterprises within your company.

Technology should bring joy, energy and meaning to work.

About Employee experience:New world of work is always going to be about employee experience.

When we go to bank do we really want to go there to withdraw cash? We want digital systems like ATM to enable that.

Employees are no different. They don't want to meet someone to do the routine transactions. They don't want to feel controlled, they want to feel empowered, enabled.

Technology is not making lose human touch. It is empowering people to be themselves and be more productive.

Technology leads to more meaningful (less transactional) conversations between HR and employees. More about careers, less about payroll and leaves.

We need to empower employees so they feel the way they feel when operating Google or an automated banking operations or any other social media.

Human touch vs technology:Human touch is increasing, not decreasing.

Technology enables you to not forget someone's birthday but how you respond to that is human touch. (Either by walking up to someone or by sending digital card)

Technology and impact on recruiting:Recruiting in 3 buckets-
1. Sourcing candidates.
2. Processing the candidature of the person.
3. Getting someone onboarded to the organization

1 being done by bots, automated
2 undergoing changes, being automated
3 requires human touch

New recruiter will be talking to candidates and explain them what the job is, will be helping people get onboarded. That's the new role, not the traditional role.

Technology will remove the bias from recruiting and will help create "equal opportunity framework". It can help mask your gender, name, city etc. And then start the recruitment process.

Employees are demanding the same experience within the organizations as they get outside.

Types of systems:Monolithic systems (mostly designed for buyers)
Agile- user friendly, designed for users.
Agile system is the one which is molding itself for me. Bruce Lee said- 'Be water' my friends. If you put water it glass, it becomes glass. If you put it in cup, it becomes a cup.

Gig workers:Squads: come together for a purpose and disintegrate when the purpose is over.
Squads know no hierarchy. Hierarchyless world.
People are building systems that are hierarchyless and teams that are in squads

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