Monday, October 28, 2019

Sketchnote: 20 Years of Product Management in 25 Minutes by Dave Wascha

While scrolling through a lot of Product Management content in the last few days, i came across this presentation by Dave Wascha that I found relevant.

It was one of those presentations that sticks with you. It was one of those presentations that excited me enough to create a sketchnote of (that i share below). Here are the summary of points tthat Dave shared:

1. Listen to your customers
Your job as a PM is to maniacally focus on your customers problems.
You cannot solve customers problems without understanding it.
If you don't listen to customers, you end up creating solutions for the problems no one has.

2. Don't listen to your customers when it comes to solution
Your customers are least qualified people when it comes to solution.
Listen to your customers when it comes to problems but don't listen to customers when it comes to building solutions.

3. Watch the competition
When a competitor launches a new feature, I view it as a user test that I can learn from.

4. ...but don't watch the competition
It's too easy to simply follow the competition into building something shiny, even though it might not be the best solution.

5. Be a Thief
Your job is not to come up all the best ideas, but to make sure you're implementing the best one for your customers.

6. Get Paid
Don't forget to ask the most fundamental question- is this valuable enough for customer to pay for it ?

7. Speed Up
Every time you put off a decision, you are destroying value. It's our job to remove obstacles and make sure that decisions are made- and made fast.

8. Say No
Our job is not to make people happy- it's to solve our customers' problems. Say No often to competing priorities.

9. Don't be a visionary
Products need product managers who are obsessed with solving customers problems and who put in the hard work to grind it out and solve those problems. I have been forged in a white hot heat of failure and I am a better product manager because of that.

Sketchnote Summary of the Talk:

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