Sunday, April 14, 2019

A Conversation on “Creativity and Visual Thinking” (SmartBites series)

A couple of weeks back, a dear friend of mine Ashok Thiruvengadam (founder and CEO of Stag Software) reached out to record a video on the theme of  “Creativity, Visual thinking ..” to inspire QA to “Think better. Test rapidly”. 

He recently launched a new initiative called as SMART QA. The theme of Smart QA ( is to explore the various dimensions of smartness so that we leapfrog into the new age of software development, to accomplish more with less by exploiting our intellect along with technology. 

The first part of this video conversation was released a few days back and I am sharing it here. I will be writing a bit more on this conversation in the upcoming blog-posts.

Would appreciate you taking time to go through this and sharing your feedback.

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