Sunday, February 3, 2019

Q & A with Women Testers on Careers and More

I recently got an email from Jyothi Rangaiah. She requested to capture my views on some of the intriguing questions asked by testers. More on questions a bit later.

Jyothi wears many hats and one which has impressed me the most in the spectacular work she has done in building - the knowledge website and the community. I am amazed at the way it has grown to have a rich content.

The questions that i answered eventually made it to women testers website and i am grateful to Jyothi to bee featured here. I was not as swift in answering the questions as i should have been due to unplanned travel commitments and the preparations that come with it. But Jyothi was rightly persistent and didn't give-up till she got the answers.

In the next few blogs, i would be sharing my responses to various questions that i answered. I would be provided the original link to the responses but since this is my personal blog i wanted to ensure that the readers get to read and help amplify the message, whatever good may be there.

Stay tuned to next few blogs.

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