Sunday, July 22, 2018

One Minute Blog: Key Learnings from Finishing Jaipur Marathon

In the first week of July, I completed the Jaipur full marathon (42.195 km), aptly named as the 'hot' run, with temperatures soaring to 40 degrees celsius plus.

Sharing some fine learnings here:

1. The route included long, never ending roads. Such tracks can lure runners to think that nothing is changing after running several km as one sees the similar surroundings, same plain roads. Breaking the monotony was the key, especially at the later kms. How does one break the monotony in a physically demanding and a mentally draining sport? - By not thinking beyond the next step of the run, by keeping a tunnel vision just on the next km.

2. One of the advices I recently read from an acquaintance who was on radio for the first time, he shared- "while on air, audience can listen to your smile. So smile and talk". Likewise, while running, especially in gruesome conditions, it helps to run with a constant smile and encourage the fellow runners. I have no scientific proof to prove this but it has worked now and in earlier runs almost as if "while on track, your legs can listen to your smile."

3. Lastly, life lessons aren't best learned while on the couch with our favourite gadgets but right in the trenches, while being amidst nature at its extremes and dealing firmly with what it has in store for you.

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