Monday, March 23, 2015

Are you the CEO on your career ? -II

Its been almost an year that i wrote this post- Are you the CEO of your career ? When i wrote this one, i had the privilege to learn about career planning lessons and philosophy of the former Microsoft India MD, Mr. Ravi Venkatesan.
In this blog, i would like to share the career lessons from another renowned Industry veteran Mr. Sudhakar Ramakrishna  during one of the company gatherings. These were delivered by means of an informal talk that he conduced. Do enjoy some of the profound points below and take-away what you like!

Key points from Sudhakar’s career talk:
·       1.  Have a role model, learn from everyone but important to be yourself.
·       2. Know your True North (moral compass)
o   From career perspective, you need to know where your compass is pointing at all the time.
o   Be true to yourself.
·       3. Do the right thing all the time.
·       4. Power of Influence is more than the Power of control.
o   Inspire. Instill Quiet Inspiration

·       4. Don’t manage with fear and Don’t fear to manage
o   Leading with fear is a short-sighted thing.
o   Managing with fear can work for a short period of time but not for long period.
·       5. Artificial harmony
o   Be ready to have direct conversation but be super-respectful.
·       6. Always work to build and demonstrate Inner courage.

7 7. Luck is when preparation meets the opportunity
o     Look for the ways to intersect opportunity with preparation.
·   8. Be Relentlessly persistent
o   Abraham Lincoln quote: “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle”
·    9. Balancing Paradoxes
o   Having the ability to balance two contradictory things e.g. have a high quality software is necessity but at the same time presence of bugs in software is a given.
o   Ability to balance confidence with humility
·    10. Have a clearer idea of what growth means to you, what gives you joy.
·     11. Be confident, humble relentless, do the right things, focus on fundamentals and know where your true north is.

·      12. Success is something you define. Don’t measure your life with somebody else’s yardsticks.

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