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The Cloud forecast- Is it Rainy, humid or drought-like for Software Testers ?
"Cloud" has been a buzzword for a while now and the last couple of years have seen the technology around Cloud evolve and mature. The adoption of Cloud and its usage in helping simplify Software testing has increased over the years. The various elements of Cloud like Software-as-a-Service to really Anything-as-a-Service have increased the potential of Cloud being used more diversely to solve some testing specific problems and create more opportunity areas.
This presentation will deliver a pragmatic perspective of the situations where cloud has worked beautifully for Software testing and also where it’s adoption or attempt to adoption have seen challenges. It will cover some fundamental aspects of cloud, delve into core concepts and more prominently cover some practical illustrations of Cloud, technology, its impact on Software testing and more.
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Title: Demystifying Software Globalization
“Do you know that Windows 7 is localized into 90+ languages, Windows 8 expected to be in around 105, Apple iOS supports 34, Android 57 ?”
 With the key platform companies venturing into supporting the languages of even the little known geographies around the world, it is only evident that the need of World ready Software is on the rise and will continue to ascend in the time to come. The field of Software development that ensures the Software is World ready is called as Software Globalization Engineering. This field has seen a humungous drift from “Japanization” (when the products were redesigned to support Japanese language) to "Simship" (meaning simultaneously shipping the supported languages at the same time)  in the past decade or so. Software Globalization has grown from generalized field to a more specialized one over the years with the advent of concepts such as Unicode, Single Base Binary, Multilingual User Interface and much more.
While Software Globalization is still finding its feet as a separate discipline in many organizations, more mature organizations have embraced it and have reaped benefits successfully over the years. This session will demystify Software Globalization Engineering and will cover an introduction to several concepts related to this exciting field.
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Presentations delivered:
Presented at
May 2013
STEP-AUTO Test Process Improvement Conference
July 2012
SofTec 2012 (Organized by SiliconIndia)
May 2012
ISQTs “STEP-AUTO 2012 South” Software Testing Conclave (Panel Talk- On Invitation)
Nurturing Talent in Software Testing (Panel Talk- One of the 5 Panel members)
May 2012
ISQTs “STEP-AUTO 2012 South” Software Testing Conclave (Presentation)
Feb 2012
STeP-IN Summit 2012- 9th International Conference on Software Testing at Bangalore (On Invitation)
Feb 2012
STeP-IN Summit 2012- Pre Conference Tutorial at Chennai (On Invitation)
Sept 2011
STeP-IN Forum’s Software Testing Conference at Hyderabad (On Invitation )
Aug 2011
Bangalore Workshop on Software Testing (On Invitation)
July 2011
Aditi Technologies (as a Guest Speaker on Invitation)
July 2011
SiliconIndia’s SofTec 2011 Software Testing conference
Jan 2011
Bug-de-Bug Conference in Chennai (
Sept 2010
hiSoft, Wuxi, China
Becoming an Expert at Globalization Testing
Sept 2010
Panel Talk- ISQT STEP AUTO Conference
June 2010
SOFTTEC 2010 (Organized by SiliconIndia)
Sept 2006
Was Invited to speak in One-day Colloquium on Non-Functional Testing organized by STeP-IN Forum
“Localization and Internationalization” Ensuring Globally Local Software for Universal Acceptance!
Presented a paper in STEP Auto 2006- International Conference on Software Test Engineering, Process & Automation in India
Outstanding Business Results through Effective Localization testing processes
Presented a paper in 5th Annual International Software Testing Conference in India 2005 held in Hyderabad- Organized by Quality Assurance Institute (QAI).
Achieving Business Success through Testing Excellence
Mar 2004
Presented a paper in 4th Annual International Software Testing Conference in India 2004 held in Pune- Organized by Quality Assurance Institute (QAI).

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