Monday, March 12, 2012

Some recent public talks and learnings

In the month of February, i was involved in delivering a couple of public talks. Through this blog, I just wanted to share something about those as i have been doing in the past.

Topic name: Demystifying Globalization Testing:
This was a public workshop that i delivered on 9th-Feb in Chennai. This talk was organized by STeP-in forum as a part of their Pre-conference tutorial for STeP-in Summit 2012. I had delivered this talk on this subject last year in Hyderabad and had a reasonable feedback, which probably prompted the repeat show.
Overall, this was a 4 hour talk and the audience included people from diverse testing backgrounds. There was quite a bit of interactions around know-hows around various aspects of Globalization testing.
I was lucky that the Conference organizers shared some written feedback of audience, which i am sharing here as i received it-

what aspect of the tutorial did you like the most?
Communication Skill, unicode testing, clear and clarity, taken extreme care for creating presentation content with maximum information, illustration, detailed explanation ,practice test cases, language specific testing data, demos shown using tools, things to be considered during globalization testing, examples, real time and experienced examples, examples, approaches, introduced many terms of globalization.

what aspects needed to be improved?
Its too technical to start-up with, the presentation seems to be more comprehensive and it looks like a one which we can use for fresher’s, tools information are missing

The improvement feedback is quite valuable to me and i am glad to have received the same. I have already worked to enhance the workshop along these lines further.
The presentation that i delivered in the conference could be found here

Topic name: The emergence of Cloud Computing and Software Testing
This was the talk that i delivered as a part of Plenary session of STep-in Summit 2012 on 16th-Feb. This topic has always been close to my heart as not only that this topic is an emerging one in the current times but also that i could experiment a lot on my delivery/presentation style. Some of the things that i tried included-
- Prepared the presentation with Associative learning principles.
- I was always fascinated by the movie- Rang de Basanti . One of the things that i liked about this movie was that it had 2 parallel stories running (one current and one about an event in History). I could apply this concept in this talk.
- Since the presentation was about the Cloud, i actually ran the presentation over from the cloud connected through Internet (and didn’t use Microsoft PPT for a change). This eventually proved to be a good justification for what i was preaching here. Cloud really works! (and i didn’t had any hiccup in the talk).

Overall it was a great learning experience.
The presentation that i delivered can be found here

I would honestly welcome any feedback on the content of these presentations.

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