Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Presented a Workshop on Software Globalization Testing

On 14th-Sept, I got to present in the STeP-IN Forum's event in Hyderabad. The event was Software Testing Conference. It was primarily a 2 day conference, in which the first day on 14th-Sept was the Pre-Conference Tutorials.

Tutorials were different than the sessions on the normal conference day as these went in-depth into the topic and were more or less like a Workshop of about half-a-day. I had a good experience overall as i presented on the topic of Demystifying Globalization Testing .

I could cover the different aspects of Globalization testing both via presentation and live demonstration, which apparently was decently received (though i am still expecting a formal feedback update from the Organizers).

The content about Globalization Testing that i have written in this blog purely from my experience was always as helpful in conducting the session of this magnitude.
The best part that i liked was that the session eventually turned out to be quite interactive and there were lots of discussions and meaningful interactions with the audience during the entire session.

Will upload the presentation soon.

************************Update on 23rd-Sept-2011************************
I have uploaded the Presentation i delivered at this session here

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