Monday, May 16, 2011

I will be back

I started blogging more than 3 and half years back. Since the time i wrote up that first post of mine, it’s been a constant endeavour from my side to come up with a quality post for my readers sharing my experiences and insights in Software Testing primarily, Management, Life skills and much more. I can assure you that each of the post that i wrote went through a lot of creative cycles and eventually got submitted. Some turned out good, some average and some bad. Some had a lot of comments, some few and some none. It’s actually a part of being a blogger and a writer. Bottom line is that i have been passionate about Software Testing and Writing and that’s what has been naturally driving this blog.

More than three years is a long time and with mind always looking to churn out some remarkable content to write, it can get challenging. I have decided to take a little break from blogging. I always believe that taking downtime is Important in life, be it your work life or even including anything that you love so much doing. This blog and my other interests comes almost as a second nature to me, So it’s quite hard not contributing here, even though briefly. In my experience, sometimes taking a step back often works wonders in your journey forward in a long run.

So Please don’t be disheartened if you don’t see a new content in this blog for a while. In all fairness to my readers, i should be back by or before end of July 2011.

I would be encouraged to see what you feel/think about this blog and also what do you want me to write on. Please do share your thoughts around these.


Pradeep Soundararajan said...

All I hope is you be right back soon and continue to write what you want to write.

Anuj Magazine said...

Thank you for your comment, Pradeep.