Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ensuring Up-to-date Device Drivers for your Test Environment

One of the key requirements in most of the Software Testing endeavors is to ensure that the Test Environment is up-to-date. The term- "Test Environment" can include- Application servers, Web servers, databases, client machines etc. It is always a challenge for the Testing team to keep the environment up-to-date considering there are a lot of external dependencies that a Test environment has such as Operating System service packs, Operating System patches, Application service packs, Latest device drivers etc.
I recently came across a website which i found to be useful in ensuring that a part of Test environment is up-to-date. The website URL is-
This website has a free scan facility which helps to judge whether the various device drivers are up-to-date on the test machine.
It enables to check the device drivers for Hardware such as-
Audio, Chipset, Joysticks, Network, Scanners, Cameras, Drives, Modems, Bluetooth, USB, CD-ROM, DVD, Mouse, Printers, Video and checks for many popular vendors.
At a given time the application under test may be interacting with any of these hardware. Unless you are doing a specific testing, most often the requirement will be to ensure that the devices installed on the machine has the latest drivers.
This is what the Free scan facility in this website helps you achieve.
It will tell you neatly which of the device drivers are up-to-date and which ones have the latest updates available and provides the ready link to download the same.
Quite an useful utility for ensuring up-to-date Test environment.

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