Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Presented a case study on "Rapid Globalization Testing approach" and an impromptu Panel talk

I got to speak at ISQT's "STEP-AUTO 2012 South" Software Testing Conclave conference on 9th-May-2012. The topic of the talk was- "Rapid Globalization Testing Approach". Of the talks that i have been involved in delivering in the recent past, this talk was a welcome change primarily for the reason that it was after a while that i was involved in presenting a case-study. Most of my other talks had majorly been new concepts or some technical areas related to testing but this talk was primarily involved around an approach that we came up to deal with some tough challenging project related situations that we were faced with. I will be talking about this approach a bit more in the upcoming blog posts.

I along with my colleague- Shivaraj Shet delivered this talk. We did experiment a bit on the narration of the whole topic with each of us asking each other questions and extracting information from each other.

Overall a good experience. The presentation can be found at- here . And watch this space for more details around this approach.

Towards the end of the presentation, i got an opportunity to  be a part of the Panel talk on the topic- "Nurturing the Software Testing talent". Since i was not aware of this session, it was a kind of extempore session which i got to prepare only 30 minutes prior to the session along with other panel members. Was a good experience overall and some of the key points that i could recollect was-
- Look for a ways to tap the Software testing talent in the colleges.
- Advising Software testers to look for more avenues of Horizontal growth and enhance learnability.
- Need of the hour for our profession is the Research. Need to find more avenues to research on Software testing related areas, Innovate more and build strong credentials.
- Software Test Architect is a role that people could pursue more with their interests and drive and willingness to do something differently with their careers.

Do share your thoughts and discussion items.

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